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Chiara is an illustrator for children's publishing and character designer


Chiara Galletti, tried to choke on the umbilical cord, but she couldn't do it and was born. As a witty embryo he had already understood how hard life was, but there was a way to dilute it, drawing. And so he took the pencil and drew his first sinusoidal line. It already felt better! Chiara is an illustrator for children's publishing and character designer. She graduated in advertising at the University for Foreigners of Perugia and obtained a specialization in E-design at the Nemo Academy of Digital Arts in Florence. She currently works for the American agency Astound as an illustrator. He is very curious and loves to learn new things by observing the world in every possible way: travelling, reading, watching movies, visiting exhibitions, meeting new people. Drawing is not a hobby for her, but a mission. He loves making people happy with his art and colors.

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